Due to High Volume of Orders and our Shipping department being off on the 4th and 5th of July Some order may experience delays.
Due to High Volume of Orders and our Shipping department being off on the 4th and 5th of July Some order may experience delays.

New Club Members Promotion

All new club members are being offered a Gift on their first order! Please enter NEWMEMBER in the order notes on checkout to receive the new member gift.  Please note the gift is associated to a physical address.  New accounts with the same physical address will not be able to use the promotion again.


64 Different Strains

We offer a wide assortment of strains. Variations include those of the Indica, Hybrid and Sativa types. All grown within the club collective and only made available to members.

Indoor Grown

All of our flower is grown indoor using organic means. The result is a potent and aromatic bud that hits hand and lasts long. Varies by strain.

Safe Secure Shipping

All orders are packaged in 4 layers of protective material. Shipped anonymously and discreetly to your home. Usually same day.

Quality Flavourful Vapes

Our vapes use only the purest 100% distillate oil and clean, naturally derived cannabis terpene.  The flavour is outstanding and does not smell of cannabis at all.

Powerful Edibles

Adding to our line of flower and vapes are a collection of extremely delicious edibles that hit hard and last long.

Premium Concentrates

Rounding off our menu is a wide assortment of various concentrates and accessories for the cannabis lover in you.


Introducing Exotics

We are happy to announce a new flower category called exotics.  These are very rare and hard to get genetics cannabis strains that are made available to use at a significant premium over our current offering.  Our current flower is considers Top Shelf.  This is ones step above and is known as exotics.


If you are a regular smoker its worth trying an exotics strain at least once in your life.  The potency, nose and smoothness is the best available anywhere in the world.


Current Club Deals

We’re proud to list this months product deals. Check back regularly for new promotions.


Check back in…

Frequently Asked Questions

New members are encouraged to take the time and read our extensive FAQ.  Being part of The Holland Club has many benefits, but there are also many things you need to understand as a member.

Please take a moment to click on the links above to learn more about our club.  Club member service is available to help answer any questions you may have that you don’t find in the our FAQ.