The Holland Club

Designed to be a member only organisation with limited access. The Holland Club was established to provide a high-end high-quality membership only place to procure cannabis products. In return members support club operations in a way the benefits all members involved. With the end goal being to create a long term private and anonymous club for member to get the products they need in a discreet and safe manner.

Starting small

The timeline story of The Holland Club

  1. Founded


    Established a member only collective / club.

  2. The First Grow


    The first time our club started it own indoor growing operation.

  3. Online Portal


    Created our first online portal allowing our members to view our menu at any time.

  4. Oil Distilation


    Started the distillation of oil from raw cannabis plants for vaping and dabbing.  First to go solvent less.

  5. Introduced Edibles


    Introduced our first edibles for our members.  Have since cycled through 50+ different edible types.

  6. Expanded Membership


    Expanded the number of members allowed to those outside of current friends and family.

  7. Improved Security


    Moved web portal overseas, added full server encryption and started offering BitCoin as a payment method.

Who we are

What are our guiding principles

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far go together. This is our guiding principle. We work together as a member supported club from which we can all benefit. Who we are is really a collection of members that abide by this guiding principle. We are not a company or a business. You are not clients or customers. We are all member of a club that provides for and supports its members and operations. All members are anonymous and support the club by doing their individual parts.