Big Changes, New Year, New Products

Happy New Year to all of our club members and staff,

We want to start the year off right by introducing some 50+ new products in every category.  We are trimming down our standard flower offering and adding more exotics.  We are adding in total 5 new edibles.  Removing some unpopular vapes and replacing with 10 new amazing ones.  Adding 4 new concentrates including the very hard to get Diamonds (launching the 15th of January).  And all of this will launch this month, January 2021.

Due to the large increase of products, and in order to streamline our inventory management, we’ve also completely changed the Reference Number system.  Now products within a category will have a letter as part of the Reference Number.  So Flower will have an F, Concentrates will have a C and so on.

As Covid has not gone away yet, we do plan on keeping the lower prices for the foreseeable future.  But we expect by summer 2021 for most things to go back to normal and regular pricing to return as well.

As for the immediate future, we plan on adding more accessories and possibly expanding on our preroll menu possibly in February/March.

Finally, please stay safe.  Whatever your personal or political view is of what is going on, one thing is for sure.  People are struggling, so please protect yourself and your family.  We as the club members of The Holland Club wish you and yours a safe and amazing New Year.