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Normally each year on 420 our club does a big sale.  Lots of products on sale and an opportunity to save money for those few days.  However this year we wanted to do something VERY different.

The economy is struggling and regular people like us are feeling the most pain. Seems like every company is now raising prices on everything.  Well we want to be the one company/club that is doing the complete opposite.  We are NOT raising prices and are going to make our 420 sale PERMANENT for the rest of the year.

As such we have increased the quantities of just about every product in our catalog permanently as part of this 420 sale.  You get the same great products, quality and service you are used to, just a lot more of it for the same price.  Forever.  Starting today.  Details below…

New PERMANENT Menu Changes


NEW – 2 Grams for the price of 1.

From now on every vape cartridge order will include 2 grams.  Previously you bought a 1 gram cartridge.  Now you get two for the price of one.  Also, once we burn through our cartridge inventory we will be moving to 2 gram disposable all-in-one in the near future.  Its a 2 gram cartridge and battery all in one unit.  So not only do you get double the THC oil to vape, but also have a battery included so no more need to buy one separately.  But for now you get two carts with each order.


NEW – 1.5g / 2g up from 1g

All concentrates have increased in size.  Some have gone from 1g to 1.5g while others from 1g to 2g.  See the individual concentrate to see which have increased by how much.


NEW – More, more and then even more.

Same potency as always, just more edibles in each bag.  Since our edibles are pretty varied please look to each one individually to see how much they have increased.


NEW – Now 4g 8ths instead of the normal 3.5g.

Same great flower now just more of it. We’re giving you 0.5g more per 8th that you order.


Please take a moment to read.

We the caretakers of The Holland Club always try to do right by our members.  But in order for our club to survive and grow we occasionally ask for your help.  Please help us by spreading word about our club and telling as may people that you know, online and in forums about us.  Our club needs you to help us grow and continue to offer these products to all of our members.

Thank you!