For New Members

Ordering from our club is pretty straight forward. If you’ve ever used any e-commerce website, the process is very similar. There are a few unique differences, which we will cover further down.

Start by browsing our shop page.  Add to cart whichever of our clubs products interest you.  Take your time and read about each one.  Make sure you are knowledgeable about what you buy.  We provide lots of information per product.


Once done, click on the cart (shopping cart) icon at the top right.  Verify you have everything you need, you can make changes here, add quantities and remove products.  What to add something you missed?  Just go back to the shop page and add.


Next Checkout.  As per out guidelines we do not require your real name.  We do not require a phone number or any identifying information.  We do require your address.  The address you put in must be your address.  We will on occasion allow you ship to other addresses.  But we prefer each member ship to their own personal address.  If you have friends whom you want to ship to, ask for an Invitation Code and ask them to register.  You can ship to one other address that is not yours.  You cannot ship to PO Boxes, Businesses or anywhere not residential.  If you try to do so, your order will be cancelled, you money refunded and your account closed permanently.


Make your payment.  This is done using BitCoin. It’s no more complicated than using PayPal or other such digital currency.  You pay by sending your BitCoin to the address presented to you.  Once paid and the transfer of BitCoin confirmed we will process your order.  You will see a status update for your order.  Each status is self explanatory.


Track your order.  We will update your order with notes and tracking information.  Use this tracking number to keep an eye on your order.