NEW THC Gummy Drops


When it comes to medicating, you should never have to settle for inferior or low quality products because of your budget. With The Holland Club, we believe that any cannabis-related products should be affordable and good! Our in-house made edibles are infused with a powerful kick of pure 99.6%. After one bite, you’ll taste the difference – made using natural fruit juices, these spicy gummy drops also have a soft chew unlike any others.


800mg THC per package
CONTENTS 15x THC Gummy Drops
Depression, Stress, Pain, Insomnia & Lack of Appetite
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Hungry, Uplifted & Sleepy
DOSAGE Each THC Gummy Drops contains  ~53mg of THC. Begin with a very small bite and allow upwards of an hour before further ingestion.


Our THC Edibles

We take pride in having created the most potent and tasty edibles you can buy anywhere.  Are there edibles with more total THC? Sure.  But none have as much THC the price you pay at our club.  Added to that great ingredients and tasty treats and you have wonderful combination of strong and yummy.  All of our edibles are made in a professional kitchen under strict California legal market requirements.  You can be sure the edible you are getting is food safe and prepared correctly for your enjoyment.

Quality Plants

All of our products.  Everyone of them starts off as plant.  We focus on quality from seed and throughout the entire grow cycle.  Without quality plants we cannot make quality products.

Pure Source

Our process of making our products beings with the source of the product.  Be it edibles, or vapes.  Everything has to start off pure and natural.  This purity at the source is key to great end products.

Organic Products

Where possible we like to keep our products or raw materials organic.  Same with the growing, distillation, manufacturing and infusing process.  Organic keeps the good stuff and none of the bad.

Effects and Benefits

Mood & Feelings






Helps with…






Health & Safety Warnings

Please read this, it’s important.  Cannabis is a controlled substance in all 50 states.  Do not carry it on your person and do not transport it in your car.  If at all possible avoid leaving your home while intoxicated.  It is strongly discouraged to drive a vehicle while high or any other machinery.  Keep away from children, especially edibles.  Keep away from unsuspecting adults.  Always consume the strict minimum and always clear your schedule before consuming.  Cannabis cannot hurt you, but avoid consuming large quantities at once.  Cannabis vapor or smoke are not good for your lungs.  The only good thing for your lungs is clean fresh air. Stay safe and stay smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are the edibles?

All of our edibles are very potent.  Its better if you don’t think of them as a food item and eat too many at once.  Think of them as THC delivery system.  So always take the smallest dose possible to see how it affects you.  These are not snacks to eat a bunch at a time. Stay safe.

How long until I feel the effects of an edible?

The effects can kick in as fast as 10 minutes and as slow as 1 hour.  For most people they get the full effect a bout 45 minutes after eating the edible.  How much you’ve eaten, your energy level, time of day and other factors will change this time for you.

How should I store the edible?

We suggest storing your edibles in a dedicated, child proof container in the refrigerator.  If there are other adults in the house, make sure to let them know whats inside so they don’t accidentally ingest it.

How long until the effects of an edible wear off?

Depends on how much you’ve eaten.  But normally about 2-3 hours.